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Nov. 5, 2019

Daylight was chasing the darkness as they walked along the top of the hill. 


August 30, 2019

Three tan Humvees with black tinted windows, crawled along the grimy back streets of the small city. Three soldiers in each; all dressed in combat uniforms, body armor, and wearing camouflaged faces with dark sunglasses. They all carried large caliber automatic weapons, and wore pistols on their sides.

There was no talking, the hum of the motors the only sound being made as they advanced past poverty-stricken houses and businesses.

Painted graffiti adorned the empty buildings and dark board fences. Potholes pockmarked the once smooth pavement.

Turning left at the next street, they traveled in single file military formation through overgrown empty lots. Abandoned cars, cans, garbage bags, and trash lay scattered around.

Turning right onto the main street got them back into a civilized area again. The main street was a two-lane street going one way; they positioned themselves in the middle of the streets, not allowing traffic to pass.

Crawling along the street; traffic backed up behind them.

Horns began honking as irate drivers were detained by this ostensible unauthorized military procession.

They traveled like this for several blocks, then came to a halt in the middle of the street. Well dressed pedestrians and storefront window shoppers all turned to stare at this strange proceeding.

Two broad-shouldered men from the last Humvee stepped out into the cool December morning sun; then moved to stand in front of the line of cars behind their vehicle.

The soldiers held their weapons in the ready to fire position; aimed at the drivers of the cars that were first in the long line.

Cars came to an abrupt stop, women screamed, and pedestrians scattered looking for the nearest cover; the horns became silent.

A driver stayed in each Humvee, while the four remaining muscular soldiers exited the vehicles and double-timed into the nearest building; the First National Bank. The combat-hardened soldiers seized control the second they entered the front doors.

Grabbing the unarmed security guard by the back of the neck, one soldier threw him into the lobby area.

“Everyone on the floor” ordered the tall leader. “If anyone moves, everyone dies.”

Women screamed.

The American sounding soldier repeated what he had said in Spanish.

Everyone fell to the floor, no one doubted his words.

“Bank manager” yelled the leader.

No one moved.

The tall American leader moved around behind the counter, chasing three tellers out to lay with the rest in the lobby.

One man remained; an older man dressed in an expensive business suit.

The leader reached down and pulled the man up by his tie; choking him in the process.

“I don’t have time for your bullshit” screamed the lead soldier as he took the butt of his weapon and smashed the man across the face. Blood ran from the man’s nose and mouth to drip down onto the front of his shirt.

“I need that safe opened now” screamed the leader in the man’s ear.

"One minute Captain" yelled out the timekeeper stationed by the door.

The Captain grabbed the bank manager by the hair and ran him straight to the door of the vault.

“Open it or die” screamed the Captain, again in the man’s ear.

The bank manager opened the vault as fast as he could.

Inside the vault, the Captain took out two large flexible bags that he had secured under the holster of his sidearm.

“Fill them up” he ordered the bank manager, then helped himself when the bank manager wasn’t moving fast enough.

When the bags were filled, the Captain moved out of the vault and two other soldiers took his place. They filled four more bags.

"Two minutes Captain" yelled the timekeeper, then took his turn in the vault.

Two of the soldiers, after having filled their bags, ran outside, placed them in a Humvee and took the place of the soldiers standing in the street. These soldiers now ran inside to get their bags filled.

"Three minutes Captain" yelled out the timekeeper.

“Wrap it up,” yelled the Captain. 

“Wrap it up now.”

All soldiers moved to the door and out to the Humvees, Two large bags filled with money over each of their shoulders.

The two in the street, seeing them come out, opened fire into the motor compartment of several of the front vehicles. Steam escaped from the radiators; disabling them. They turned to shoot into the windows of the storefronts nearest them.

Women were screaming again.

The soldiers got back into the Humvees and drove at a slow speed down the street, then sped up and hurried out of the city.

Police sirens could be heard in the distance.

The Humvees sped down the paved two-lane country road, out into the desert. They ran along in close formation, bumper to bumper, as they sped along.

They slowed down as they came upon the hill, then pulled over to the side of the road as they crested it.

The drivers remained in the vehicles as the rest of the soldiers walked back over the top of the hill and stationed themselves in the warm sun behind some of the small bushes that covered the area.

They didn’t have long to wait.

Police cars with lights flashing and sirens blaring were in the lead. The Federale vehicles were close behind.

When the vehicles reached within a hundred yards of their location, the tall American Captain stepped out into the middle of the highway. He opened fire as the rest of his team stepped out beside him.

The bullets hit home as windshields broke, cracked, and shattered. The drivers, not planning on this surprise attack, hit the ditches on either side of the pavement. The screeching of tires could be heard as the drivers pulled hard on the steering wheels. Motors revved as some of the cars rolled onto their sides and tops.

Federale officers were thrown from the backs of the pickup trucks and lay dead in the road.

The sound of gunfire ceased; the Captain and his team had done all the shooting, their pursuers never had the chance.

They turned and walked back to the Humvees. The drivers, in the meantime, had stuffed all the bags of money in the back section, making room up front.

“On to target two” ordered the Captain, and they moved out.

Their next stop was an hour and forty-five minutes away. They took this time to reload their weapons and smoke a cigarette or two.

They were all thinking about that last battle, it had been too easy. The Federales were a force to be reckoned with, most had military training and would operate as a daunting defensive unit; there were many in the organization.

They arrived on schedule at their next destination, a smaller city on the coast.

The weather here was cooler and the smell of the ocean came across as a familiar setting.  

The main street was a two-lane street with traffic moving in both directions.

They paid no attention to the stoplights as they crawled along.

Horns began honking as they cut off anyone in their way. This place was more of a tourist attraction, and it showed by the way people were dressed.

Stopping in front of the bank, the two soldiers in the last Humvee jumped out and positioned themselves to hold up traffic both ways. Weapons at the ready.

Women screamed and pedestrians ran in all directions.

The drivers remained in the Humvees as the Captain and his team got out and double-timed into the bank.

The Captain grabbed the unarmed security guard by the arm as they burst into the bank and shoved him into the lobby.

“Nobody moves” yelled the Captain “everyone down on the floor now.”

He repeated this in Spanish.

Customers and tellers did as they were told. The room smelled of fresh paint and new carpet.

One soldier slammed the butt of his weapon against the back of the guards head, knocking him out.

“Bank manager” yelled out the Captain.

A young man stood from beside a desk. The young man was frightened; his face was white, all the blood had drained from it.

“Open the safe now” the Captain yelled out in Spanish.

The young man opened it as fast as he could.

"One minute Captain" yelled the timekeeper.

The Captain shoved the young man into the vault and threw two large bags at him.

“Fill them.”

This young man was faster than the last bank manager.

"Two minutes Captain" yelled the timekeeper.

The soldiers all took turns getting money from the vault, including the two in the street.

"Three minutes Captain" yelled the timekeeper.

“Wrap it up” yelled the Captain.

The soldiers double-timed out of the bank to the three Humvees.

The two soldiers holding back the traffic began firing into the motor compartments of the cars nearest them. Disabling the vehicles where they sat. Then they began firing into the windows of the storefronts, creating fright and confusion. Women screamed, grown men ran.

The Humvees crawled down the main street, then sped up at the edge of town. Traveling back the way they had just come, into the desert.

They traveled for half an hour before they turned off the road and headed through the desert sand for a hilltop overlooking the highway.

Sitting on top of the hill, the Captain searched both ways with his binoculars, looking for any vehicles coming after them. There were none.

They waited there for over an hour and saw no signs of anyone pursuing them.

“Let’s go” the Captain ordered.

They were near the highway again, when they saw the Federales coming their way. A dozen black SUV’s, cars, and pickup trucks were racing toward them.

“Drive across the highway and into that gully” ordered the Captain.

They drove the Humvees into the gully and the soldiers got out in the heat of the afternoon sun.

The Captain positioned his team so that four of them were lined up inside the gully facing the Federale vehicles. Two were sent down one side of where the vehicles would come in and three were positioned on the other side forming a U shape; creating a nice little crossfire scenario.

The Federal cars drove by the tracks the Humvees left in the dirt, noticed them, then turned around and hurried back down the highway.

Turning off the road, and following the Humvee tracks, they headed straight for an ambush.

The Captain and his team waited until the vehicles were well within their trap before they opened fire. When they did, they shot out the tires first, causing the vehicles to plow into the soft sand of the desert, slowing them down.

Next, they shot into the windshields and side windows of the vehicles, killing most of the occupants inside.

As the vehicles were coming to a stop, men began clambering out. They were shot down as they tried.

The battle was over in a few short minutes.

Soldiers walked among the vehicles, killing any Federales that were laying there wounded or faking their deaths.

The Captain and his team returned to the Humvees, drove out of the gully, and headed back to the highway.

They continued down the road; twilight coming on, the sun already below the horizon.

They had one last stop to make.

It was after midnight when they reached their destination, another small town along the coast. They crept along with their lights out as they made their way to the house on the hill.

The place was dark, clouds covered the sky, rain drizzled down; typical coast weather.

The house belonged to the bank manager in this small town and they had business to conduct with him.

Putting the first Humvee against the security gate, the driver shifted it into low gear and, driving forward, forced the gate open.

The Humvees crawled toward the carport and parked in the dark shadows formed by the tall green bushes and trees.

The soldiers exited their vehicles and moved to the back door; the door was old and not too secure. Why would they need a secure door anyway thought the Captain; they did, after all, have a tall fence and gate around the property.

Using his knife, the Captain disengaged the back door.

It flashed through his mind that they may have a guard dog.

He reacted out of instinct as the black shadow charged him from inside the house. Getting his knife under the shadow, he pulled up, hard and fast; cutting the throat of the huge Doberman Pinscher. The dog fell to the ground outside the kitchen door, trying to breathe through its cut open windpipe.

They moved in silence on into the home, they all knew what to do; this wasn’t the first home they had breached.

Finding the correct hallway was easy for them; someone had a night light plugged into an outlet.

Four of the soldiers broke off at the first bedroom.

The Captain, along with the rest, walked on into the master suite.

The first four found a young girl sleeping in her bed. The room, filled with stuffed animals and posters on the wall were a good indication of her age.

In the master bedroom, the Captain moved around to the woman’s side of the bed and stuck the point of his knife near her throat.

The girl in the other bedroom screamed as the soldiers pulled her out of her bed. The woman's eyes shot open, and she tried to raise her head. The point of the knife at her throat and the stranger standing beside her advised her against it.

The man in bed with her opened his eyes to stare right down the barrel of a large caliber weapon.

Grabbing the woman by the hair of her head, the Captain dragged her out of bed; she landed with a thud on the wooden floor. Pulling hard on her hair, the Captain got the woman to her feet, then pushed her out into the lit hallway.

The man was made to put his pants and shirt on, then was shoved out into the hallway with the woman.

The four brought out the girl as well, the front of her pajamas wet where she had peed herself.

The Captain pushed the woman back against the wall, took hold of the front of her nightgown, and pulled down hard. The nightgown ripped to below her knees and the woman was left standing there in little else than her underwear. Taking his knife he cut that at both her legs.

Grabbing the underwear, he pulled hard; the woman stiffened as the underwear came forcefully between her legs, but made no move to resist.

The Captain kicked the insides of her feet, spreading her legs apart.

Tears ran down the woman’s cheeks, she had a good idea of what was to come next. Rape at the very least, torture with a lot of pain, and then death.

The Captain looked her up and down, she was a good looking woman with a good body. He smiled a sinister smile and laughed.

“Please don’t hurt me” she whispered as the tears ran.

The Captain put the point of his knife on her soft smooth belly, then moved it scratching the woman's skin enough for it to bleed. He looked at the bank manager while he did this.

“Hurt you?” whispered the Captain. “I have tortured women like you before. Beyond the point of endurance; pushed them to the edge and brought them back. Then did it all over again.”

"Things will go my way tonight. My way, or you will know the boundaries I can cross."

The girl in the hallway began screaming and crying.

“Shut her up, or kill her. I don’t care which.”

The soldier with the gray goatee and hair to match tore the sleeve off the girl's pajama top and tied that around her mouth to gag her.

“Please don’t hurt my family” whispered the bank manager.

"You'll do what I say, when I say."

“Yes, anything. Please.”

The bank manager was short and round with a clean-shaven face, that face was worried right at this moment.

The Captain grabbed the woman by the hair and began walking through the kitchen to the carport.

“Please,” begged the woman “a blanket for me and my daughter. It’s cold out there.”

The Captain looked at the soldier with the gray beard and nodded his head.

He put the little girl in the last Humvee with two soldiers and a driver; and the woman in the center Humvee with two soldiers and a driver. The girl was crying hard again, after having walked by the dead dog.

The bank manager was in the front Humvee with him and the man with the gray goatee.

They could hear the woman scream as they got inside the lead vehicle.

“My wife,” the man cried “what is to become of my wife?”

“Nothing she didn’t do on college initiation night” replied the Captain.

He wasn’t too worried about the woman being molested, it would make the manager more willing to play his game.

The Humvees crawled down the dark wet streets in tight military formation, lights off and bumper to bumper. They pulled into a dark ally two blocks from the bank.

Everyone unloaded and gathered around the center Humvee.

A homeless guy near the dumpster stood and began to question their presence. What business did they have near his owned place?

The driver of the last Humvee knocked the guy against the side of the head with the butt of his gun. The homeless guy fell to the ground and was kicked in the side, ensuring he would not be so argumentative.

Grabbing the woman by the hair, the Captain pulled her out of the vehicle. But she wasn’t acting right, she could barely stand.

The Captain got a small flashlight from his weapons belt, turning it on for a second he shined it in the woman’s face.

Both her eyes were swollen almost shut, the side of her face was bruising, blood dripping from her nose and bottom lip. This woman had been beaten.

Still holding the woman up by the hair, he turned to the soldiers riding in the Humvee with her.

“Who gave this order?” snarled the Captain. “Who gave this order?”

"Well sir," one soldier answered, "we didn't think…."

The Captain drew his pistol, placed it under the soldier’s chin and pulled the trigger.

“You didn’t think” yelled the Captain as he swung his pistol to the other soldier shooting him in the face.

“Get these two stripped down, get them cleaned up as good as possible, then throw them into the dumpster.”

"Yes, Captain."

“Oh but Captain” the soldier with the gray goatee spoke up. “We are down two men now.”

“Discipline. If we don’t have discipline, Mister Spain, we have nothing. I know we are down two, I will figure that out.”

"Yes Captain, and the gunshots?"

"The gunshots will go without notice here. And even if they don't, we can handle anything this police force can throw at us. The Federales are still chasing their tails out there in the desert."

"Yes, Captain."

But the Captain knew what Mister Spain was talking about. Mister Spain was his most trusted man. He was the Captain’s second in command, if anything happened to the Captain, Mister Spain would assume command and lead the team.

“Mister Spain, would you take control of the two ladies please?”

"Yes, Captain."

He knew the Captain relied on him more than anyone else.

“All right,” ordered the Captain “everyone load up. We all carry double and put two on him.” The Captain nodded at the bank manager. “Rusty, get loaded up, you will carry the woman too.”

"Yes, Captain."

Rusty was the other trusted man the Captain had. Rusty had a full red beard and a clean-shaven head. A younger Irish man as tall as the Captain but a lot stockier, the guy had muscles on top of muscles.

Reaching the back door of the bank, the manager opened it then slipped inside to disarm the alarm system, then led the way to the vault.

The Captain stopped outside the women’s restroom and motioned for Rusty to take her inside.

"Mister Spain," he asked, "please take care of the ladies for me."

Mister Spain smiled and nodded.

Rusty took the bags Mister Spain was carrying and headed to the vault.

"We need an exchange," the Captain told the bank manager "turn all of this into American dollars."

“But I don’t think I have enough” whined the scared bank manager.

“Get started” ordered the Captain “and if you do run short, we’ll all take it out in trade with your wife and daughter.”

“No, please” cried the bank manager, then got to work right away.

It took several hours for the machines to count all of the stolen money, but the bank manager was able to get it accomplished.

Putting his hands together like he was praying the bank manager looked up at the Captain.

“Please sir, please don’t hurt us. I don’t have enough money to complete the exchange.”

Tears rolled down the managers face.

“How much are you short by?”

“Fifty-two thousand American dollars.”

“Alright, we’ll consider that as your fee. You do with it what you want. But watch what you say and do, you can be implicated as one of us.”


“Well, Mister Flores. What have you got for me today?” asked Mister Perez, the Directorate General for Force Protection.

“What we know is that a group of nine men, dressed in combat clothing wearing camouflage paint on their faces robbed two First National Banks. One after the other.” “Footage from the security cameras showed four armed men entered the banks, took control and helped themselves to the vault. They were in and out in three minutes. Shots were fired on both occasions, but no casualties were reported. They shot up several vehicles and storefronts outside of the banks, which caused quite a stir among the citizens of both cities."

“Tell me about it. They have flooded this office with phone calls for the last month. You do realize it has been over a month now Chief Commissioner?”

"Yes, sir. After they left both cities, they set up ambushes against fifty of my Army and half a dozen local police"

“I know that as well. What news do you have for me as of late?”

“Something has come up, although I’m not sure it has anything to do with these crimes.”

“What is that?”

“We found two male bodies in a dumpster, nude bodies. Both shot through the head. We tried to ID them but their fingerprints were removed years ago.”

“And you think these bodies were part of that group?”

“Maybe something happened, and the leader of this group executed them. It was interesting to find they both had dried semen on their groin areas. They either had sex or raped someone not long before that.”

“So, is that a lead? Do you know where they may have gone from there?”

"No, I don't know. This group just vanished. They were combat trained, there is no question about that. All were well disciplined." "We talked to the bank manager there thinking they may have planned to rob this one as well. But it was a dead-end, the manager knew nothing. Another interesting item, although it could be coincidental. The manager’s wife was nowhere to be seen. It is possible she was the one raped by these two. We will be keeping an eye on her."

The Chief Commissioner, Mister Flores, threw several pictures down on the desk.

“These were taken from the security cameras in both banks. Not much for us to go on, you can’t see their faces at all with all of that camouflage paint on.”

“What does that tell you about this group then?”

“Either soldiers from different Armies gone AWOL, or a group of Mercenaries. We’ve contacted Armies around the world with this information and none are missing any soldiers trained as these are.”

“So, we are looking at Mercenaries then?”

“We are looking at Mercenaries.”



Jan 14, 2019

He saw movement out of the corner of his eye, the enemy was getting into position to outflank them!
“The enemy is breaching our perimeter!” he yelled out to her.
She looked over at him, he was attaching a bayonet to the end of his rifle; she did the same!
They are coming in waves!

They see them inside the perimeter!

The onslaught is too much – the battle escalates into a vicious close contact firefight!

They are being overrun!! It’s down to hand-to-hand combat now!
In the heat of battle, there’s no time to think!
“Mothe****ng son of a bitch!” she screamed out. 
Her training kicked in as she reacted out of instinct.


Jan 20, 2019

There was a large blue plastic tarp spread over the floor, thirty feet by forty feet.

The Captain preferred the blue tarps as well; blue tarps were bulkier and required a little more in the way of burning, but their thickness and rougher weave worked better on concrete floors. Less likely to tear or slip when there was a lot of blood.

Right now there was a lot of blood.

He had used them on occasion himself, but this one was being used on a friend of his. He was pissed!

There was a small table set up against one wall, on top of it were the tools of the trade; sharp scalpel knives, dental picks, pliers, and a big pair of wire cutters, cutters that could be used to cut off finger and toe digits. A propane torch was also there, to be used to cauterize the wounds when the bleeding got to be too much.

Marie’s hands were bound together with rope.

There was another rope, thicker, hanging from a hook screwed into the ceiling.

Marie’s nude body was tied onto the end of the long thicker rope, suspending her in the middle of the room, just high enough that her feet could barely touch the ground; but not low enough so she could stand on them.

A metal rake had been used to tear the skin off her back, leaving bloody skin and pieces of her meat laying on the floor near it; her back was shredded down to the bone in some areas. A metal pipe laying on the floor, had been used on her rib cage, legs, and arms.

Her face was a bloody swollen mess where someone had beaten her good before hanging her up there; chunks of hair were laying on the floor where they had been forcibly yanked from her head.

Falco pulled a thin body bag from his medical kit and wrapped it around her, then cut her free with his razor-sharp knife.

The Captain caught her in his arms and lifted her from the torture rope.

Her swollen eyes fluttered open for just a second; a sound from deep inside came through her bloody lips. It was the sound of recognition and he was glad to hear it.

Falco injected morphine in her arm, then looking at her, injected yet another.

“Captain……..” she whispered.

He could barely hear her, barely understand her.

“the baby……………”

It’s okay,” he told her “I’ve got you now, we’ll get you somewhere and get you taken care of.”


She closed her eyes now and drifted into a dreamless sleep. Safe in her Captain’s arms.